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Dynamic response of anchors-supported slope under earthquake(PDF)


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Dynamic response of anchors-supported slope under earthquake
HAO Jian-bin GUO Jin-yang ZHANG Zhen-bei LI Jin-he
School of Geology Engineering and Geomatics, Chang'an University, Xi'an 710054, Shaanxi, China
slope anchor lattice beam dynamic response shaking table test sinusoidal wave
In order to investigate the dynamic response characteristic and failure mode of anchor in a soil-filled slope, a shaking table mode experiment on clathrate anchors-supported soil slopes was carried out. Sinusoidal motions were used as the incident waves, and the acceleration of slope and the axial strain of anchor were monitored. Analysis result shows that under the same vibration frequency, the axial strain amplitude of anchor increases with the increase of peak acceleration. When the peak acceleration is low, the slope is stable, and the strains of anchors recirculate between a positive value and a negative value. The maximum and minimum strains of anchor are unstable and change slightly with the increase of the peak acceleration, but the slope is still stable. When the peak acceleration reaches to the rupture limit, the axial strains of anchors are no longer regular, and the axial strains of key points on the sliding surface greatly and suddenly change, and the relative displacement is very obvious between the sliding body and the stable body. When the peak acceleration is less, the strains of middle and lower anchors are larger, and the strains of middle anchors are about two times as much as the value of top anchor. When the peak acceleration increases, the strains of top anchors gradually increase, and the middle and upper anchors bear loads mainly. When the peak acceleration reaches to the rupture limit, the maximum dynamic strains of anchors increase sharply, and the changing amplitudes of strains of middle anchors are greatest, a clear gap shows between the sliding body and the sliding bed, and the anchors are pulled out. Obviously, the traditional design idea “strengthening slope waist and reinforcing slope toe” is suitable for the areas of low seismic fortification intensity, and the top and middle anchors should be lengthened properly in the areas of high seismic fortification intensity. 2 tabs, 20 figs, 31 refs.


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