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Comparison of measuring accuracies of tunnel displacements with RDM method and 3D measurement method based on total station(PDF)


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Comparison of measuring accuracies of tunnel displacements with RDM method and 3D measurement method based on total station
LUO Yan-bin12 CHEN Jian-xun1 ZHAI Yu-hui13
1. Shaanxi Provincial Major Laboratory for Highway Bridge and Tunnel, Chang'an University, Xi'an 710064, Shaanxi, China; 2. Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, University of Arizona, Tucson 85721, Arizona, USA; 3. Qingyun Expressway Management Center, Guangdong Nanyue Transportation Investment and Construction Co., Ltd., Guangzhou 510101, Guangdong, China
tunnel engineering tunnel displacement measurement accuracy total station RDM method 3D measurement method
Based on geodesy principles and error propagation laws, the remote distance measurement(RDM)method and 3D coordinate measurement method of based on free stationing of total station were analyzed, the accuracy analysis models of tunnel displacement based on the two measuring methods were established, and the mean square error was used to evaluate the measuring accuracy. The formulas of mean square error on the two methods were deduced. A three-lane highway tunnel was taken as an example to compare and verify the measuring accuracies of the two methods. In RDM method, through gaining the horizontal distance, the elevation difference and slant distance of two random measurement points were gained by the triangulate height measurement principle and the cosine theorem, and the tunnel displacement was obtained according to the trigonometric and geometric relationship between two random measurement points. In 3D measurement method, the directions and distances of several known points were observed from the random observation point, the coordinates of random measurement points were calculated by using the coordinate conversion, and the tunnel displacement was obtained according to the coordinates of random measurement points. Analysis result shows that the accuracy evaluating formulas of RDM method and 3D measurement method computing tunnel vault settlement are same, however, the formulas computing tunnel horizontal convergence are different, and the accuracy of RDM method is higher than 3D measurement method. When the distance of total station and measured profile increases, the measuring accuracy difference of two methods increases. When the distance is 100 m, the accuracy difference increases to 0.43 mm. In three-lane highway tunnel, when the distance is 40-60 m, the measuring accuracies of tunnel horizontal convergences for the two methods are highest, the accuracy of RDM method can reach 0.61-0.68 mm, and the accuracy of 3D measurement method can reach 0.78-0.84 mm. The curves of tunnel vault settlement measured by using RDM method and 3D measurement method are smooth, and the fitting degrees of the curves are greater than 0.95. However, in the aspect of measuring tunnel horizontal convergence, the curve's fitting degree for RDM method is greater than 0.9, and the degree is less than 0.9 for 3D measurement method. So, the measuring accuracy of RDM method is higher than 3D measurement method. 2 tabs, 9 figs, 25 refs.


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