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Determination of volumetric parameters and impacting mechanism of water stability for steel slag asphalt mixture(PDF)


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Determination of volumetric parameters and impacting mechanism of water stability for steel slag asphalt mixture
GAO Zhen-xin12 SHEN Ai-qin1 ZHAI Chao-wei1 GUO Yin-chuan1 YU Peng1
1.School of Highway, Chang'an University, Xi'an 710064, Shaanxi, China; 2.Department of Transport of Shaanxi Province, Xi'an 710075, Shaanxi, China
pavement material steel slag asphalt mixture microstructure volumetric parameter water stability
The effective relative densities of steel slag aggregates with different sizes were tested by immersion test, and the determining method of volumetric parameters for steel slag asphalt mixture was proposed. The water stabilities of asphalt mixtures with different steel slag contents were comprehensively evaluated by residual stability, freezing-thawing splitting intensity ratio and asphalt film thickness. X ray fluorescence spectrometry, scanning electron microscope, and mercury injection test were used to analyze the influencing mechanism of steel slag on the water stability of asphalt mixture based on the chemical compositions and microstructure of steel slag. Analysis result shows that for large water imbibition aggregates such as steel slag, the effective relative density measured by immersion test is 1.5% higher than the value obtained by the calculation method, and is closer to the actual density, therefore, it is more reasonable to use immersion test to determine the volumetric parameters of steel slag asphalt mixture. The water stability of steel slag asphalt mixture improves with the increase of steel slag content. The residual stability increases by 12% and the freezing-thawing splitting intensity ratio increases by 13% when the steel slag content is 70%. The asphalt film thickness of steel slag asphalt mixture gradually increases with the increase of steel slag content. When the content of steel slag is 70%, the asphalt film thickness increases by 13%. The thicker asphalt film can effectively prevent water intrusion and increase the content of structural asphalt on aggregate surface, so the water stability of steel slag asphalt mixture increases. The calculation value of asphalt film thickness of steel slag asphalt mixture is 6-7 μm, and the water stability of steel slag asphalt mixture is positively related to the thickness of asphalt film, so the recommended value of asphalt film thickness is 7 μm based on the water stability of steel slag asphalt mixture. The steel slag is super alkaline and porous, meanwhile, the internal structures of pores are complex, therefore, the effective contact area between steel slag aggregate and asphalt increases, the good mechanical occlusal force forms, and the adhesion increases, so that the water stability of asphalt mixture improves significantly. 9 tabs, 14 figs, 26 refs.


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