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1 Test methods of airport pavement and subjacent foundation void
ZHANG Yu-hui, ZHANG Xian-min 2016年06期 [1-11][Abstract](2872)[pdf 5127KB](1793)
2 Security calculation method of steel sheet pile cofferdam based on incremental method
DAI Liang-jun1,2, ZHU Da-yong1 2016年06期 [39-47][Abstract](2805)[pdf 1338KB](2888)
3 Classification method of running environment features for unmanned vehicle
KANG Jun-min, ZHAO Xiang-mo, XU Zhi-gang 2016年06期 [140-148][Abstract](2791)[pdf 1441KB](1666)
4 Extraction method of main routes in South China Sea based on spatial cluster analysis
WANG Jia-sheng1,2, LIU Yong-xue3, YANG Kun1,2, LI Man-chun3, SUN Chao3 2016年06期 [91-98][Abstract](2790)[pdf 2477KB](1694)
5 Model of real-time pedestrian detection under vehicle environment based on CS-SD
GUO Ai-ying1,2, XU Mei-hua1, RAN Feng3, WANG Qi3 2016年06期 [132-139][Abstract](2774)[pdf 2937KB](1963)
6 Attenuation law of retroreflection coefficient for highway traffic sign retroreflective sheeting
CHEN Yan-yan1, JIANG Ming1,2 2016年06期 [107-113][Abstract](2771)[pdf 1426KB](1601)
7 Coupling stability of couplers between locomotive and vehicle
ZOU Rui-ming, MA Wei-hua, LUO Shi-hui 2016年06期 [48-54][Abstract](2771)[pdf 2048KB](2884)
8 Water migration rule of loess subgrade with sand interlayers
YAN Chang-gen1, ZOU Qun2, XU Yu3, WAN Qi1, SHI Yu-ling4, MA Gang-feng5 2016年06期 [21-29][Abstract](2768)[pdf 1260KB](1686)
9 Optimal design of driving motor structural parameters for electric vehicle
WANG Jun-nian1, LIU Jian2, CHU Liang1, WANG Qing-nian1, WU Jian1 2016年06期 [72-81][Abstract](2763)[pdf 2197KB](2993)
10 Microscopic simulation parameter calibration of CMEM model for temporary maintenance zone
GAO Tian-zhi, CHEN Kuan-min 2016年06期 [114-124][Abstract](2758)[pdf 1407KB](1578)
11 Multi-objective optimization inspection decision-making method based on delay-time model
LU Xiao-hua1, ZUO Hong-fu1, BAI Fang1,2 2016年06期 [63-71][Abstract](2753)[pdf 1114KB](2891)
12 Cyclic shear dynamic properties of geotextile-sandy soil interfaces
WANG Jun1,2,3, LIU Fei-yu4, WANG Pan4, GENG Xue-yu5 2016年06期 [12-20][Abstract](2753)[pdf 1508KB](1780)
13 Infrared traffic image’s enhancement algorithm combining dark channel prior and Gamma correction
GU Ming1, ZHENG Lin-tao2, LIU Zhong-hua2,3 2016年06期 [149-158][Abstract](2746)[pdf 3246KB](1607)
14 Joint decision making of pricing and seat inventory control based on discrete time
GAO Jin-min1, LE Mei-long2, QU Lin-chi1 2016年06期 [125-131][Abstract](2742)[pdf 915KB](1619)
15 Fault-tolerant compensation control of PMSM applied under open-circuit faulty condition
BAI Hong-fen1, ZHU Jing-wei1, QIN Jun-feng2 2016年06期 [55-62][Abstract](2739)[pdf 1168KB](2834)
16 Intelligent assessment for collaborative simulation training in ship engine room
DUAN Zun-lei, REN Guang, ZHANG Jun-dong, CAO Hui 2016年06期 [82-90][Abstract](2738)[pdf 1007KB](2892)
17 Risk probability assessment of seismic damage for embankment based on Monte Carlo method
YIN Chao1,2, WANG Xiao-yuan1, LIU Fei-fei1, TIAN Wei1, MELANI A2 2016年06期 [30-38][Abstract](2737)[pdf 1105KB](1645)
18 Influence of atmospheric stability on formation of artificial anoxic area over sea surface
JIN Liang-an, LIU Wen-peng, GAO Zhan-sheng, ZHENG Zhi-lin 2016年06期 [99-106][Abstract](2729)[pdf 2613KB](1532)
19 Micro-crack propagation behavior of pavement concrete subjected to coupling effect of fatigue load and freezing-thawing cycles
GUO Yin-chuan1,2, SHEN Ai-qin1, HE Tian-qin1, ZHOU Sheng-bo1 2016 No.05 [1-9][Abstract](1630)[pdf 3108KB](1197)
20 Traffic sign recognition method based on graphical model and convolutional neural network
LIU Zhan-wen1, ZHAO Xiang-mo1, LI Qiang1, SHEN Chao1, WANG Jiao-jiao2 2016 No.05 [122-131][Abstract](1562)[pdf 4081KB](1098)
21 New design method of supplemented surface for airport turnoff taxiway
TAN Zhi-ming, YAO Yao, CHEN Jing-liang 2016 No.05 [10-16][Abstract](1529)[pdf 935KB](1025)
22 Modeling and simulation of railway vehicle wheel considering thermo-mechanical coupling
WEN Yong-peng1, XU Xiao-jun1, SHANG Hui-lin2, LI Qiong1 2016 No.05 [30-41][Abstract](1519)[pdf 3271KB](1042)
23 Arterial coordination control optimization and application
QU Da-yi, WAN Meng-fei, WANG Zi-lin, XU Xiang-hua, WANG Jin-zhan 2016 No.05 [112-121][Abstract](1503)[pdf 3365KB](1012)
24 Receding horizon optimization of en route flight conflict resolution strategy
TANG Xin-min1,2, CHEN Ping2, LI Bo1 2016 No.05 [74-82][Abstract](1495)[pdf 1015KB](949)
25 Evolution of wheel wear and dynamics performance of heavy haul freight car
LI Heng-li1, LI Fu1, WANG Xin-rui2, YANG Ji-zhen3 2016 No.05 [49-56][Abstract](1484)[pdf 2186KB](973)
26 Optimization model signal priority time threshold of tram
ZHOU Yang-fan1,2, JIA Shun-ping1,2, CHEN Shao-kuan1,2, WEI Wei1,2 2016 No.05 [151-158][Abstract](1482)[pdf 1187KB](957)
27 Locking control of hydraulic torque converter
HUI Ji-zhuang, GUO Yun-xin, ZHENG Heng-yu, ZHANG Ze-yu, HU Hao 2016 No.05 [66-73][Abstract](1473)[pdf 1049KB](997)
28 Mechanical property of segmental tower of cable-stayed bridge
CHEN Kang-ming, WU Qing-xiong, HUANG Han-hui 2016 No.05 [17-29][Abstract](1470)[pdf 3864KB](967)
29 Trailer pick-up tractor routing problem with timeliness requirement and solving
LI Hong-qi1, ZHAO Wen-cong1, LI Yan-ran2 2016 No.05 [95-102][Abstract](1469)[pdf 925KB](978)
30 Application of BDS in western low-density railway lines
SHANGGUAN Wei1,2,3,4, YUAN Chong-yang1, CAI Bai-gen1,3, WANG Jian1,2,3, LIU Jiang1,2,3 2016 No.05 [132-141][Abstract](1466)[pdf 1682KB](1004)
31 Discriminating method of abnormal dynamic information in AIS messages
LIU Xing-long1,2, CHU Xiu-min1, MA Feng1, LEI Jin-yu1,2 2016 No.05 [142-150][Abstract](1461)[pdf 1377KB](939)
32 Phase-state identification of traffic flow in terminal area incorporated with prior experience clustering
YUAN Li-gang, HU Ming-hua, ZHANG Hong-hai, MA Yong 2016 No.05 [83-94][Abstract](1454)[pdf 4456KB](1616)
33 FEA of vibration response tolerance of traction transformer for high-speed train
YU Jin-peng1,2, SONG Qing-peng1, ZHANG Ming-yuan1, ZHANG Ji-wang1, LIU Xiao-xia1, ZHANG Li-min1 2016 No.05 [42-48][Abstract](1454)[pdf 2112KB](924)
34 Effect of ridgeline strengthening in thin-walled structure
ZHENG Yu-qing1, ZHU Xi-chan1, HU Qiang2, LIU Jin2 2016 No.05 [57-65][Abstract](1437)[pdf 1841KB](929)
35 Optimization on tractor-and-trailer transportation scheduling with uncertain empty-trailer tasks
YANG Zhen-hua1, YANG Guang-min1,2, XU Qi1, GUO Shu-juan1, JIN Zhi-hong1 2016 No.05 [103-111][Abstract](1432)[pdf 1445KB](940)
36 Test method of SBS content in modified asphalt
WU Jian-min1, ZHANG Xue-lin2, CHEN Zhong-da1, LIN Jie1, ZHANG Hong-liang1 2012 No.03 [1-8][Abstract](910)[pdf 912KB](959)
37 Bearing capacity safety of hollow slab bridge under heavy traffic load
HUANG Ping-ming1, YUAN Yang-guang1, ZHAO Jian-feng2, HAN Wan-shui1, LI Yong-qing3, WU Jun1 2017年03期 [1-12][Abstract](541)[pdf 2861KB](1047)
38 Influence of train tail exhaust device on longitudinal force of train
WEI Wei, HU Yang 2012 No.05 [43-49][Abstract](482)[pdf 934KB](937)
39 Classification of expressway landscape sensitive zone based on dynamic visual characteristics
XU Jin-liang1, WANG Rong-hua1, FENG Zhi-hui2, WANG Zi-geng3 2015 No.02 [1-9][Abstract](458)[pdf 1210KB](1110)
40 Analysis method of urban road network structure based on complex network
ZHANG Wei-hua, YANG Bo, CHEN Jun-jie 2012 No.05 [64-71][Abstract](447)[pdf 822KB](833)
41 Predictive method of highway freight volume based on fuzzy linear regression model
ZHAO Jian-you, ZHOU Sun-feng, CUI Xiao-juan, WANG Gao-qing 2012 No.03 [80-85][Abstract](438)[pdf 811KB](1089)
42 Simulation model and algorithm of multi-runway airport gate assignment
YIN Jia-nan, HU Ming-hua, ZHAO Zheng 2010年05期 [71-76][Abstract](415)[pdf 862KB](766)
43 Quantitative method of traffic conflict severity at intersection
LIU Miao-miao, LU Guang-quan, WANG Yun-peng, TIAN Da-xin 2012 No.03 [120-126][Abstract](407)[pdf 1481KB](772)
44 Compaction characteristic and operability factor of warm bituminous mixture
YAN Xi-li1,2, CHEN Si-lai3, AN Shu-wen1, LI Ang1, ZHANG Qing1 2017年01期 [11-19][Abstract](406)[pdf 973KB](185)
45 Rheological properties of warm mix asphalt rubber in wide range of pavement temperature
HE Liang1,2,3, LING Tian-qing1, MA Yu4, MA Tao5, HUANG Xiao-ming5 2015 No.01 [1-9][Abstract](403)[pdf 2144KB](685)
46 Black and white interlaminar instability failure of asphalt overlay on old cement slab
LIU Kai1,2, WANG Fang3, KANG Xin4 2012 No.05 [1-12][Abstract](403)[pdf 1907KB](702)
47 Coupling vibration of wind-vehiche-bridge system for long-span steel truss cable-stayed bridge
LI Yong-le, LI Xin, XIANG Huo-yue, LIAO Hai-li 2012 No.05 [22-27][Abstract](401)[pdf 834KB](791)
48 Optimization design model of one-way traffic for road network
YANG Zhong-zhen1, WU Shan-hua1, LUO Hong-hong2, JIAO Xin-long3 2012 No.05 [72-78][Abstract](400)[pdf 1846KB](951)
49 Construction risk analysis of butterfly arch continuous girder bridge with large angle V-shaped pier
WANG Li-feng, XIAO Zi-wang, ZHANG Zhen-wei, JIA Yan-min, SUN Yong 2012 No.03 [28-36][Abstract](398)[pdf 1351KB](513)
50 Short-term prediction method of freeway traffic flow
XU Yan-yan1, ZHAI Xi2, KONG Qing-jie1, LIU Yun-cai1 2013 No.02 [114-119][Abstract](397)[pdf 1441KB](1045)